2002 British Open Tantrix - Group Photo

16 Tantrix addicts (14 entrants and 2 controllers) got together for the first British Open Tantrix Championship in Cambridge on 4 May 2002. They included many of the best Tantrix players in the UK and a potential future champion! Names can be found beneath the photo. Many thanks to Mr Wright for taking the pic.

British Open Entrants & Controllers

Back row Derek McKinnon (mantzikert online) (from Australia), Steven Trezise (steven2) (2002 European Champion & 1998 World Champion), William Brooks (willbrooks) (won the overall "Grantamind" title at the MSO) and Simon Wright (Shunter) (2002 World Junior Champion & 3rd in the British Open)

2nd row from back: Carl Crook (Pickle), Julia Schwarz (jade) (2000 World Champion), Jake (World Junior Champion in c. 2015?), Marion Scott (mazzer) (2002 Euro semi-finalist), Kevin Scott (Cuthbert) (2nd in the British Open & 2002 Euro semi-finalist) and Matthew Reid (-)

2nd row from front: Sharon Crook (Hotlips), one of our younger players, Tracey Fletcher (trable), Steve Lugton (ultrav) and Tom McCoy (LittleTom) (British Open Champion & 2002 Euro quarter-finalist)

Front row: Mauro Lazzara (Soqquadro) (British Open semi-finalist) and Sharon Hood (sundance)

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