Tantrix Tournaments : Calendar

All tournaments which are in progress or for which entries are currently open are listed on the Tantrix Tournaments home page, so there is no longer a separate calendar page because it involved too much duplication.

In outline, though, the way the Tantrix tournament year normally works is:

- the World Team Championship and the World Junior Championship take place in the first quarter of each year
- the second quarter is reserved for regional tournaments, some of which may start a bit earlier, i.e. in March
- the World Championship runs from August to November
- offline table Tantrix tournaments ('Opens') are run at regular intervals throughout the year

(Feel free to email tournaments@tantrix.co.uk and ask to be notified when entries open for all future tournaments for which you are eligible)

Email for online tournaments : tournaments@tantrix.co.uk

The date and time are :

Monday, 15-Jul-2024 22:56:50 GMT
Monday, 15-Jul-2024 23:56:50 BST (local)

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