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This page lists records from the 15924 games (516 in 1999, 696 in 2000, 1135 in 2001, 2266 in 2002, 4633 in 2003 and 6678 in 2004) played under tournament conditions up to the end of 2004 and the tournament games played in early 2005.(*)

Age records are based on age at the official start date of the tournament in question.

With so many records on the books and so many tournament games being played these days, it is easy to miss them, so if you think you have broken a record and it has not been noticed and displayed here, please write to tournaments@tantrix.co.uk.

N.B. Given that table tournaments have a tendency to produce slightly more extreme results than online tournaments, table tournament records will only be shown where they exceed the corresponding online tournament records and in such cases, the online record will normally be shown as well.

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One Player Records
Category Date Tournament Player Nat. Details Record
TP % : >10 Games Mar 2004 2004 Asian/African Yoseph Phillips ISR 284.3 TPs / 360 79.0%
TP % : Zone/Group 01-May-04 2004 BOTTC - Grp A Heli Niemi FIN 130.8 TPs / 160 81.8%
TP % Online Group Jun 2001 2001 NZ - Group C Shaun Cooper NZL 124.7 TPs / 160 77.9%
Youngest Winner 14-Jan-05(*) 2005 World U16 Hidde Ozinga NED 18-Jul-1995 9y 180d
... in Adult T/ment 20-Mar-99(*) 1999 Masters Alex Kowalczyk AUS 27-Apr-1986 12y 328d
Oldest Winner - all 03-May-03(*) 2003 Brit. Open Ben Polman NED 28-Aug-1960 42y 248d
Oldest Winner - online 04-May-01(*) 2001 European Ben Polman NED 28-Aug-1960 40y 249d
Highest Margin 22-Mar-03 2003 Aus Group C Josh Button AUS 62-12 v kromby 50
2game Match TPs 18-Jun-01 2001 NZ Group A Matt Peek NZL 37.2-2.8 v Gizelle 37.2
3game Match TPs 25-Feb-04 2004 Aus. Group B Peter Clay AUS 53.5-6.5 v kasty 53.5
4game Match TPs 02-Sep-01 2001 World Champ. R1 Graeme Jolliffe AUS 68.3-11.7 v franck 68.3
5game Match TPs 25-Oct-04 2004 Plate R2 François Pacull FRA 83.7-16.3 v Boub 83.7
6game Match TPs Feb 2005 2005 WJTC QF Jason Oliver NZL 97.0-23.0 v Anakonda 97.0
7game Match TPs Oct/Nov 2004 2004 WTC QF Viktoria Dobos HUN 110.5-29.5 v lorene 110.5
8game Match TPs Nov 2001 2001 WTC SF Matt Peek NZL 98.8-61.2 v Pepe 98.8
9game Match TPs Nov 2003 2003 WTC Final Matt Peek TGM NZL 115.3-64.7 v scoop 115.3
10game Match TPs Nov 2004 2004 WTC SF Rob Morton ITM GBR 107.5-92.5 v mikem 107.5
High Game Score 04-Jun-01 2001 European SF Jacq.-Ol. Haenni SUI 64-30 v phildnarud 64
  20-Mar-02 2002 Euro - Group F Miklos Hansel HUN 64-22 v Jockey 64
Best 'Defence' 31-May-04 2004 WTTC Group C Jérôme Papillon FRA 24-6 v steven2 6
Shortest Win 04-Apr-03 2003 Pan-American Joe Ruby USA 30-22 v snuffy 1 m 23 s
Shortest Time 04-Apr-03 2003 Pan-American Joe Ruby USA 30-22 v snuffy 1 m 23 s
Consecutive Game Wins 2003-2004 03 Plate-04 As.-04 WTTC Yoseph Phillips ISR 03 Plate-04 As.-04 WTTC 22 games
Undefeated Run 2001-2002 2001 WTC/2002 NZ Matt Peek ITM NZL 2001 WTC/2002 NZ 26 games
Consecutive WTC Match Wins 2001-2004 2001-2004 WTC Matt Peek TGM NZL 2001-2004 WTC 22 matches
Consec. Draws 05-Jun-99 1999 European/African Pavel Petrovic NOR Games 8-10 3 draws
  02-Apr-05 2005 Pan Am Gp A D Dyer/G Brazzalotto USA/GDL Games 1-3 3 draws
  11-Apr-05 2005 Euro Gp Y J Polman/J Moore NED/GBR Games 1-3 3 draws
Online TGs Won in a Day 05-Jun-99 1999 African/European Bhavic NaNa RSA R2-4,6,7,9,11 7 wins
Online TGs Played in a Day 05-Jun-99 1999 European/African Julia Schwarz GER Rounds 2-11 10 games
First to 100 TGs 19-Nov-00 2000 WTC 9-10th SF Jamie Sneddon NZL 5 tournaments 19-Nov-00
First to 250 TGs 31-May-03 2003 Hungarian SF Péter Petrecz ITM HUN 15 tournaments 31-May-03
Tiles played in a turn 17-Feb-04 2004 Euro PG11 François Pacull FRA 26-10 v zucca 28 tiles
Game Records
Category Date Tournament Player 1 Player 2 Score Aggregate
Highest Aggregate 05-Feb-05 2005 WJTC QF Amy H [u] Omer Chor 54-48 102
  04-Jun-01 2001 European SF Jacq.-Ol. Haenni Philippe Durand 64-30 94
  16-Jun-01 2001 Australian Grp B Josh Button Matt Lindus 50-44 94
Highest Scoring Draw 05-Mar-04 2004 NZ Grp A Robin Brown Alida Remiens 42-42 84
Lowest Aggregate 03-Sep-03 2003 WTC R1 Janette MacKenzie Brad Kast 9-7 16
Shortest Game 18-Nov-01 2001 WTC Final Game 9 Matt Peek Heli Niemi 16-10 5 m 06 s
Shortest 'Live' Game 18-Jan-02 2002 WJTC Grp A Simon Wright David Dunn 30-13 6 m 13 s
Longest Game 05-Apr-04 2004 Pan Am Final Brad Swanlund Michael Baer 21-18 38 m 18 s
Most Interrupted TG 22-Aug-99 1999 Pacific Alex Kowalczyk Chris Peek 30-20 c. 1 hr
Most Spectators - Individual Event 25-Nov-04 2004 WTC Final game 9 Péter Petrecz ITM Rob Morton ITM Proof! 50 people
Most Players in Lobby (draw) 16-Mar-05 2005 Euro While the group phase draw was on - click to see 75 people
Most Players in the Lobby 02-Jun-04 2004 WTTC A very busy night during the group phase - click to see 76 people

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